The Goals of

The “” process of was created through the collaborative work of five members of the kink communities of different genders, orientation, ethnicities, and nationalities, all with experience with community leadership, social counseling, and survivor and domestic issues. 

As the work continues, we have sent teams to several events, run seminars, and trained individuals and groups and consulted with the development of consent-based policies. Currently we are in the process of creating the non-profit organization “Consent Rocks, Incorporated” in order to expand the reach and the benefit of the process.

Our Board of Directors:

Our Mission Statement (a work in progress):

Consent Rocks Incorporated works to improve the understanding of consent between and among adults participating in various events and organizations, particularly, but not limited to, alternative sexual and relationship communities.

Our goal is harm reduction, outreach, and education within these communities. Consent education is at the forefront of our organization.

We do this primarily through the development, training, and deployment of Consent Incident Response Teams with a constructive method of reducing any harm to those involved and helping them to be supported, heard, and understood. We also provide education, consultation, and advocacy for consent issues as needed.

We are committed to an inclusive policy towards providing services to under-represented communities and persons for the benefit of everyone.