Consent Rocks Iterations post-RambleGRUE

We are working to make sure that the incident at RambleGRUE, where an attendee was traumatized and failed by the systems put in place to help them feel supported, heard, and understood is never repeated.

The following are the steps we are taking immediately; they do not represent the full measure of the work that will be done, as that is an ongoing process.

1. Two people have stepped forward to serve on the board of Consent Rocks: Eternal Angel ( ), one of the initial creators of this method for Consent Incident Response, and Fine_Femme ( ), who has gone through the training for Consent Rocks Crew in Pittsburgh. Both are willing to lend their experience and knowledge towards the goal of improving Consent Rocks for the future.

2. Effective immediately, all planned trainings and Incident Response Crews for Consent Rocks will be suspended. We apologize to the people that were planning to have us participate in their events. We are still open to be contacted about consent issues and will be happy to attend events as consent resources outside of an incident response role. We also recommend that those seeking advice on consent issues contact the Consent Academy. For those with concerns about issues of racism in the kink scene, the newly-created POC Advisory Board is a resource.

3. In regards to the listening sessions at events that are hosted by Consent Rocks, to the best of our ability we will be offering a free admission to the events where these are taking place to any kinksters of color (defined as non-white) that want to attend. Consent Rocks does not always have control over event admissions, so this is an admittedly flawed solution. Currently planned sessions include:

If you are a person of color and know of an event with a listening session that you would like to attend, please use the form at to let us know and we will do what we can.

4. You can also use that form at any time to let us know your experiences and desires around consent for kinksters of color in the community. The form enables your writing to be anonymous if you wish, and the information there will be reviewed by the entire board of Consent Rocks and their advisors. The experiences themselves are, as expressed on the form, meant to be confidential unless explicitly given permission to share. We will also be making quarterly reports with the information that we have been given permission to share available on the site. The first report will be posted January 1, 2018.

There will be further statements in the future, as we work to fix the systemic errors that were made at RambleGRUE. If you have further comments or questions, the board can be reached via .