Notes from 2017 POC Listening Sessions

Notes from Consent Rocks Listening Sessions for Kinksters of Color

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In 2017, Consent Rocks committed to working towards a better understanding of the issues presented to people of color in the kink scene, particularly when it came to issues of consent.

Towards that end there were four “listening sessions” where POC were invited to speak about their experiences. These are the transcripts of the notes taken by Gray Miller during the events with further context and takeaways.

Thank you to all of the people who attended these sessions. Talking about systemic racism and opening up personal experiences is emotional labor, and their willingness to help educate and communicate was remarkable and generous. We would also like to thank lochnessia, WhiskyTangoFoxy, and RealBoyMuppet for their support and counsel during the preparation of this document. Any errors within are Gray’s, not theirs.

It is our hope that others may find this document useful, as we have, in finding ways to create more supportive and inclusive spaces for everyone in our community.

This document is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Sharealike license.