How to Have Consent Rocks at Your Event

We’d love to be a consent resource at your event!

Consent Rocks has been active at several of the largest kink events out there, as well as some smaller ones. Like a Medical or Dungeon Monitor team, the hope is that they won’t do anything because nothing bad will happen – but as event producers have said when something does happen: I’m so glad you were here!

For most events it’s necessary to have at least two members of the Consent Rocks Crew on duty for most hours of the day. That requires a great deal of scheduling by people who have already spent hours in training and practice in conflict resolution, de-escalation, motivational interviewing and psychological first aid. While they are volunteers, they are volunteering for Consent Rocks, not for the specific event; this is necessary to prevent any conflict of interest should there be a consent incident involving event staff.

Supporting Consent Rocks at Your Event

The Consent Rocks Crew at an event consists of a Crew Lead and as many Members as are needed to meet the scheduling needs. Usually this is between 5-8 people total.

1. Every member would need to be admitted to your event. This can be as volunteers, as comps, or as “special guests”.

2. The Crew Lead will be on-site throughout the event (and the point of contact before and afterwards). They will need to have their travel and lodging covered by the event.

3. An event with an Consent Rocks presence would be asked to apply $1 per attendee towards Consent Rocks Inc., payable via check or credit card. 100% of these funds go towards the support of the team’s work, including food, travel, and educational materials. This is a tax-deductible donation.

In addition to their on-call duties, the Crew Members would be happy to include consent & negotiation workshops, moderate consent round tables, as well as provide a post-event report on ways that consent culture is either already working well or could be improved.

Events that host the Consent Rocks Crew are free to use the name, logo, and slogan “Consent Rocks!” This only applies to each event that has the Consent Rocks Crew, however.

If you have questions about these policies, Consent Rocks training, or would like to have a Consent Rocks Crew at your event, please contact us at and we will work to bring our team members to you!