The Development of CIR

Where does the process and training draw from?

This is a common question asked when I talk about or present on this process.

The initial “Rashomon” program was developed in collaboration with four people:

  • Iron Temple Dog
  • Loni Angel
  • Eternal Angel
  • Graydancer

Additional consultation was done with the ROPECRAFT Diversity and Accessibility Coordinator that year, Dragon Emrys.

As the program was successfully implemented at ROPECRAFT Austin, Graydancer began work to make it into a more robust and complete training curriculum. It is still in development, with the first training taking place at the Alchemy Dungeon in San Francisco.

I think it’s just critical right now for our greater community to stake a claim for how we want to approach issues of consent…It’s important that terms like “consent incident” and Charlie Glickman’s “consent accident” (which I just heard for the first time last night) and other approaches incorporating restorative justice and a willingness to sit with ambiguity and gray areas become at least acceptable and respected if not absolutely expected and standard.

– Heather, Boundless Events (SF Training Session Attendee)

All of the following resources have contributed to the development of this process. All of them also explicitly invite communities and organizations to use them as resources. Since none of them are specifically created as a first response to the BDSM community, there have been modifications and adjustments made to the training and procedures.