Consent Rocks Presentations & Workshops

Consent Rocks Workshops

It's right there in our Mission Statement: our purpose is to promote the understanding and practice of consent. We've created a few different presentations and workshops that help with this goal, ranging from a basic 90-minute presentation to a full-day workshop that gives attendees the skills to implement the Consent.Rocks process in their own community.

If you'd like to have us come and work with you, contact us at and we'll work out how we can best share our resources with you to help improve consensual relations in your group. All workshops and presentations have a sliding scale of costs associated with them, which we can negotiate with your group. Likewise, if you'd like be on a Consent Rocks Crew, let us know and we'll work on getting you access to the full workshop so you can join the team.

Presentation: "Consent.Rocks: Towards a Better Understanding of Consent Incidents"

length: 90 minutes

requirements: classroom seating

audience: up to 100, depending on available acoustics/projectors

cost: $175 honorarium plus expenses (variable)

This class gives an overview of the current challenges facing the alternative lifestyle communities and the ways Consent.Rocks works may help improve them. The material draws from contemporary research in consent issues done by the NCSF and other groups, as well as practical experiences from Consent Rocks Crews in the field. Along the way it can broaden and deepen the understanding of consent incidents beyond the simplistic "law & order" mentality into a more inclusive understanding of the trauma and needs of those involved.

Symposium: "Consent Rocks & the NCSF"

length: 180 minutes

requirements: classroom/auditorium seating, panel seating for presenters with option of audio amplification

audience: up to 400, depending on available acoustics

cost: negotiable

A Consent Rocks symposium is designed to provide all of the information from the "Towards a Better Understanding of Consent Incidents" with the addition of the opportunity to address specific aspects of consent particular to the audience. For example, an erotic hypnosis convention invited Consent.Rocks along with an NCSF representative to discuss the issues specific to their kind of negotiation and play. This is a combination of panel presentation and question-and-answer, and has been very useful as groups work to create or update their policies regarding consent incidents that may occur in their community. This symposium also works very well in conjunction with the "Consent Counts" presentation from the NCSF, but is independent from that organization.

Workshop: "Consent Rocks Incident Response"

length: 8 hours, including a break for lunch

requirements: classroom with tables, whiteboard, and snacks for workshop participants

participants: 9 to 50

cost: $50/participant, materials included

This intensive takes the attendees through the same training that our Crews use to reduce trauma at consent incidents during events. The curriculum includes best practices for handling sexual trauma and violence and the logistics of maintaining a separate Crew for responding to consent incidents. More importantly it gives a comprehensive outline of the spectrum of incidents that fall under the category of "consent" and how to match the response to the needs of the individual.

This workshop includes communication strategies drawing from Non-Violent Communication and Motivational Interviewing, but it specifically excludes using any of these techniques for behavior modification. The training is entirely designed to help convention attendees feel supported, heard, and understood. The workshop includes several exercises letting the workshop attendees practice their skills in a safe environment. This provides them with a clearer understanding of the challenges of responding constructively to consent incidents. Participants are also provided with a guidebook with references to continue their practice.

Whether you're building your own consent incident response policy, are interested in working with Consent Rocks directly, or simply want to broaden your understanding of consent and the ways our community is working to improve it, this workshop can be a valuable asset to your group.